Our Family.

Our Family in 2009, having a walk in Hanging Rock State Park, NC.

Our Family in 2009, having a walk in Hanging Rock State Park, NC.

Family.  Sometimes you choose, sometimes you don’t.

That is a choice Bobbie and I made in 1999 – the year we got married.  We met two years earlier, initially as Internet pen pals.  She posted something wacky on her profile … military brat… tongue ring… tattoo… wild child.  So for a laugh, I responded.  I’m glad I did. Otherwise I would have never got to know my best friend, and the love of my life.

We led the newlywed married couple’s life for about 3 and a bit years, when in 2003 Nicolas came into our lives.  He was born with a congenital birth disorder, which has required “quite a few” (to put it mildly) doctor and hospital visits, many tests and surgeries.  I was advised that “God wouldn’t give us something that we cannot handle” and although the times have at time been tough, together we have made it.  I believe that Nicolas is a kind, thoughtful person who does look out for others and seeks out challenges in his own way.

In 2009, Colin joined our family.  He was really in a hurry to meet us – our OB-GYN couldn’t get to the hospital quick enough – and for a time we thought that we might not make it there either!  To me, Colin is a very active and inquisitive person.

In 2010, we moved to our own proper family home – having lived in a single-wide trailer, a rented apartment and a couple of rented homes along the way.  We plan to stay here for a while for a few reasons:

  • We can afford to live here.  I grew up in the Surrey Hills, about 35 miles south-west of southern London in England.  When your neighbors are Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton, you can be sure that property prices are not cheap.
  • Our family needs stability.  We need a place to call home – to have that security.  When we want to go to the doctors we want to see the same people.  We also want the specialists close at hand and we have a choice of many hospitals within an hour of here.
  • The quality of life overall I feel is much better.  Although public transport is quite lacking around here, it’s made up for the good roads we have and the relatively cheap price of fuel for our vehicles.  The public schools around here are quite good too – especially if as a parent you get involved with your child’s education more.
  • Bobbie’s family is much larger and lives in this area.  Some of her aunts have been more of a mother to her than a normal auntie – and I say this because the reasons for her aunties stepping in at some point has been circumstantial more than anything else.  Her mother has been there for her and is a loving person.  Overall, she’d be losing more family ties than I have – but not to minimize the distance I still love my parents, aunties, my sister, my gran, and a few more people besides.

Overall, we call Guilford County home.  I may have been born in Guildford, England but with or without the ‘d’ both are my home.

As of now, I am pursuing new directions in my career as a Customer Service Professional.  Bobbie is working as a Clinical Lab Technician.  Nicolas is in Middle School, and enjoying it (for the most part – of course the homework isn’t the fun part).  Colin is in a Pre-K class at a local elementary school.