PC Repair by Eastview Computers.

A broken laptop?  We can fix that!

Whether it is a broken PC, or a broken laptop, we can fix it. We can advise on the best course of action, and we won’t charge you through the nose like a certain squad of geeks might.

Since 1996, I have done business as “Eastview Computers”.

It started when a particular customer I was helping at the computer store I was working at was frustrated at the services the store was offering and wanted something more.  Since I was not supposed to solicit outside work, he left me with his business card.  Out of curiosity, I called.  This was my first professional job at updating an older computer to a customers’ specifications.

The idea of starting Eastview Computers as a proper company has always been on my mind.  When I moved here in 1999, I have been asked by friends and family for PC advice and to perform PC repairs.

Every PC in our household has been custom-configured by me to meet our family’s needs.

To this end, I have re-launched Eastview Computers as a PC Repair and Web Hosting & Design Service.


What Eastview Computers offers: