Web Hosting

painterlakes has been offering web hosting to friends, family and non-profit organizations for many years.  It’s not just the price – hosting with painterlakes is beyond just providing the server space and the basic set up of the site.  It’s more – we can help with design, content, and marketing your message to your target audience.

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If it is just web hosting you’re looking for, we would recommend the following:

1.  [email protected]

hosting @ eastview computers

We offer a number of offerings – shared hosting (we’ve done this since 2000), virtual private servers (VPS), semi-dedicated hosting (share a machine but with your own “root” login) and dedicated hosting (a server machine of your own).  We also offer domain registration services and you can secure your new site by purchasing a SSL certificate (when you purchase a domain name or a web hosting package).  [email protected] also offers the option for you to set up your own private label web hosting company!

2.  GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks have been our partner over the past few years.  Like [email protected], GreenGeeks offer shared hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated hosting.  They use the most energy efficient servers, and they purchase wind power credits to ensure that your website is carbon neutral.

3.  Site5


Site5 were the first company we partnered with to offer web site hosting to the public, and we can still wholeheartedly recommend them as a company with which to host your web site.  They offer shared web hosting, virtual private servers and cloud web hosting (for increased reliability).  As a company with many years of experience, they can offer web hosting in multiple locations across the world.  So if your customers are in Miami, having your hosting there means faster page load speeds for your customers.  People expect the web to be fast, so if your site doesn’t load quickly they’re sure to look elsewhere.

What to remember with all these companies: 

Paying for a year or two years upfront is where you can get the good deals.  The nice low prices you see are for people who pre-pay and for entry-level products.  If you need month-to-month pricing, we recommend going with Site5’s HostPro package or GreenGeek’s EcoSite Starter and select the monthly option. [email protected] sells by the year only, so month-to-month isn’t an option.